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Grooming-Tips to Remember

A woman is considered to carry aesthetic beauty along with her. Moreover, to maintain that beauty, it is imperative for her to follow a healthy daily routine that will ensure to retain health and beauty. These tips need to be followed by both men and women, but as we are about to speak about women’s grooming specifically, let us consider that for the time being.

1. Hair Care: It is essential to wash your hair at least twice a week with a good shampoo. Excessive shampooing can also sometimes damage your hair. Do not forget to apply authentic hair oils and hair packs at least once in two weeks to provide the nourishment to your hair. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb which does not break your hair. If you have medium to long hair take some time to comb your hair to smoothen the knots without breaking-it.—

2. Face & Skin-Care: Nothing looks better than glowing, healthy skin. Merely applying layers of makeup will not make you look beautiful unless you are healthy from within. Drink lots of water and take care of your diet. Intake of fruits and green vegetables will restore the glow on your face. Sleep well. Wash your face at regular intervals. Make sure you do not sleep with your makeup on. Do not apply just anything on your face. Natural products are the best for your skin. Chemicals never help in the long run. Never step out in the sun without applying a good sunscreen. Choose the right moisturiser and a night serum to hydrate the skin. Do not forget that all cosmetics come with an expiry date. Replace your cosmetics accordingly.-

Eyebrows and upper lip should be shaped whenever required.

Unwanted hair on your hands, legs, underarms or any other body part should be regularly removed.

Hands should be clean and nails adequately trimmed and manicured. Many women tend to ignore their feet and toenails. Give yourself a pedicure once in fifteen days to keep your feet healthy and clean. Apply good foot cream and get rid of nail cracks. Dirty fingernails not only look bad but are harmful to your health as well.

3. Dressing: Make sure your clothes are clean and properly ironed. There should be no visible sweat stains on your dress. Smell good. Apply a mild deodorant. Look fresh.

Finally, Flash your Smile. A confident, happy and welcoming face is the best thing to see in the world.

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