World Environment Day 2021: How going organic can protect our environment? Experts weigh in


World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 globally to raise awareness amongst people about the protection of our environment to save mother earth. So, on this day, some experts shed light on, going organic from different perspectives to save the environment and themselves as well.

How to go organic to save the environment?

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 annually all around the world to raise awareness against the protection of environment amongst people. There are ample examples of how some actions in the past and even today are negatively impacting our environment. Global warming, scarcity of potable water, pollution and more issues are man-made disasters slowly taking away life from the Earth and hence from us. However, it is never too late to take control of your actions and support the work of nature. And to do that to protect the earth, our first step should be going organic because it’s the safest options to do everything without damaging the environment. So, experts opine on how going organic can save the environment.

Start with Organic Foods

When it comes to going organic then it’s always easier to start with organic foods. Geeta Ramesh, Joint Managing Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group says, “The organic food market in India is a niche category. The current shift in dietary changes is an indication of the boom in consumer base in the coming years. The ongoing pandemic has redefined the importance of health and food. Organic beverages like tea have the greatest appeal, which is closely followed by other dairy products, and pulses. These are not only safe for our body, but also environment-friendly.”

Why Organic Products are Healthy and Safe Alternatives?

Humans are so dependent upon commercialised products that it is hard or next to impossible to ditch them entirely. But we can always use their organic alternatives. So, Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder and CEO, Yes! poho, thinks “Fast life can be harmful in many ways for our environment and us. So, working for a sustainable environment by offering all organic, biodegradable products made by hands is a good way to protect the earth. We believe that switching to organic is better for the environment, and it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. People must always wisely choose the products to take care of themselves and nature.”

Taking care of babies with organic stuff.

India is home to the largest population of newborns almost every year. A UNICEF study in 2020 revealed that more than 67,000 babies were born in India. Clearly, India is a hotbed for baby care products. But Indian parents never think even for once about the ingredients of the products, their safety and impacts on their babies and the environment. In this regard, Himanshu Gandhi, Co-founder and CEO, Mother Sparsh, said “It takes a lot to take care of babies, and the number of products that parents use for the purpose is plenty. In this case, parents have to remember two things positively- the ingredients of products applied to babies and second, how those products are disposed of. For example, if you are using baby wipes for your little ones, then it should be unscented and made with plant-based fabric so that it becomes tender to the baby skin and biodegradable to not harm the earth.”

For Fashion and Personal care.

Even in fashion and personal care, it’s possible to go organic to use skin-friendly fabric and protect the environment from getting damaged. So, Shalini Sharma, founder of Six Yards Story, says, “There is something dreamy about draping yourself in natural, handwoven fabric and using natural personal care products. Not only is it a more comfortable alternative to synthetic fabric; it also protects the environment due to the use of sustainable manufacturing processes. There has to be a clear intent to imbibe practices that do not deplete and ravage our planet. We all have to play our part in the ecosystem by ensuring a natural, symbiotic relationship between Mother Earth and ourselves. So, instead of wearing machine-produced garments, people can opt for artisanal handloom products because they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Machine-produced clothes contain harmful chemicals and synthetic fabric which cause irreparable damage to the environment. And promoting natural products also ensures a steady source of livelihood for local artisans. Similarly, using organic personal care products save your skin from getting rough and dry by the harmful chemicals used in commercial products.”


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