Chef Retreat | Healing Recipes | Ayurvedic Cook Book | Meditation and Healthy Cooking


The three day chef- driven retreat, Healing
Recipes, will be held amid the Monsoon season in the Ayurvedic Healing Village
of Kairali, in Palakkad, Kerala. It brings the best of the talents from across
India to showcase the healing recipes to the participants. The internationally renowned chefs who
are the participants of this eventful retreat are propagators of slow food and
advocate traditional food wisdom. There is a discussion between the joint managing
director Mrs.-Gita Ramesh and the mentor chef Manjit Gill on healthy recipes. Mrs.
Gita Ramesh is an expert in healthy cooking based on Ayurveda. She has
published a book called Ayurvedic Cook Book which uncovers numerous healthy and
lip-smacking recipes.

It gives the participants the opportunity
to interact with these renowned chefs and learn tips on cooking healthy and
delicious food. They can cook with the chefs and learn hands on cooking from the

This chef retreat is a balance between
Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Cooking. The in-house doctors would
scrutinize the body and enroll food chart according to the condition of the
individual. Every participant will be taken care of as their individual body
constitution, ailments, allergies will be considered and they will be served
healthy recipes accordingly. It is a home away from home. The mystic and lush
green surroundings of the healing village provide an ample condition to sit
back and relax. The Ayurvedic therapies and treatment would help in recovery,
relaxation and detoxification. The healing and delectable dishes would satiate
taste buds as well as the nutrient requirements of the body.

Adventure activities are also involved such
as foraging for fresh produce in the organic farm of Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, visiting the factory
and understanding how Ayurvedic Products are prepared following the ancient
procedures, walk through village and enjoying sumptuous traditional and local
dishes of the Village, demo sessions by the master chefs
and happy evenings of open forum, dinner and discussions.

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