Kairali Hand Sanitizer is a good practice for hygiene


The workplace makes you susceptible to many forms of diseases. Good hygiene plays a big factor in keeping the work environment clean and productive. Handwashing alone is not enough to kill bacteria or fight infection. The use of hand sanitizers is also essential in preventing the spread of illness. Providing a clean, hygienic workplace is important to keep your staff safe against germs. From wall-mounted soap dispenser units and hand drying solutions, to hand sanitizers, hygiene amenities should be complete.

Kairali Hand sanitizers were introduced by Kairali Ayurvedic Group, a 100-year-old Ayurvedic brand that has appeared to be a great option for maintaining complete sanitation and ensuring to reduce of the transmission of infectious or viral agents. All institutes/workplaces environments need to be hygienic and safe for both employees and visitors. A solid hygiene policy is the best way to ensure employees maintain a clean place to work. The threat of infectious disease is high in the office, hospitals, government offices, canteens, army personnel, institutes, and school settings, so these places require complete sanitation using sanitizers. People work there in close proximity and share eating rooms, workstations, and restrooms that might spread a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Kairali hand sanitizers are available in bulk packaging options of 5000ml, 50 Ltrs, and 250 Ltrs in liquid form to supply to the institutes, offices, workplaces, hospitals, and schools. Hygiene can be maintained in the workplace by providing sanitizer to help your staff maintain a clean and hygienic workplace. Employees are more likely to use such items if they are readily available. Hygiene is important in hospitals, schools, and offices because it contributes to a healthy workforce.

How Kairali hand sanitizer helps maintain hygiene in various places

  • Kairali produces sanitizer in a liquid form so they can be easily used to refill the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Put dispensers in a prominent place around the workplace. Make sure these dispensers are regularly filled.

  • This disinfectant can also be sprayed on every corner of the workplaces and institutions, seats, desks, chairs, tables can also be sanitized using a dispenser.

  • Kairali hand sanitizer is used before and after traveling, before and after eating, while traveling in crowded places and coming in close contact with an ill person.

  • It can also be used in the home for cleaning dirty surfaces, objects, and articles that help effectively kill bacteria or germs from the surfaces in a few seconds.

  • Kairali hand sanitizer for hospitals and health care facilities supports the standard of care with fast and effective hand sanitizers that deliver antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the hospital with Kairali hand sanitizers are important for preventing infection.

  • Kairali hand sanitizer is the best practice for cleaning workstations. Even if the surfaces or objects are not visibly dirty but germs and other microorganisms can easily hide on equipment. To reduce the risks associated with the secondary transmission of illness or infection, all hospital staff should be encouraged to regularly clean their hands with hand sanitizer.

  • Frequently wipe off individual pieces of equipment such as keyboard covers, computer cases, cords, and mice with proper disinfectant sanitizer wipes. Always use hand sanitizer after using computers and before interacting with patients. Clean and disinfect mobile hospital computer workstations before and after visiting each patient’s room.

  • Make sure your workplaces are clean and hygienic. Maintain workplace hygiene using Kairali hand sanitizer, the disinfectant by regularly cleaning and wiping surfaces such as desks and tables, and objects such as keyboards and telephones. This is because contamination on various surfaces touched by customers and the employees is one of the pathways that COVID-19 or any other infection spreads.

  • Kairali hand sanitizer can also be used to clean school premises, surfaces, desks, and workstations of teacher’s schools by spraying the liquid sanitizer in the absence of students and teachers

  • Regular promotion and thorough hand washing using Kairali Hand sanitizer by employees and customers – Kairali produces sanitizer in a liquid form so they can be easily used to refill the hand sanitizer dispensers. Put liquid dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Make sure these dispensers are regularly filled.

  • Provide clean bathrooms -It is pivotal for a hygienic workplace to have a clean bathroom. Kairali hand sanitizers ensure that the bathrooms should be sanitized.

  • Kairali hand sanitizers are used to make sure that your workplace is regularly sanitized. This helps prevent the spread of infection.

  • Restroom hygiene- Prompt your workers to practice personal hygiene after using the facilities. Kairali hand sanitizers help maintain hand hygiene and complete sanitation. The liquid hand sanitizer can be sprayed using large dispensers to clean all the utilities as it effectively kills 99.99% of germs or bacteria from the hands.

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