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The Times of India
Recommends Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club For the Best Kerala Massage in Delhi

The Times of India newspaper published an amazing article on
its health and fitness section on how massage can do wonders to stress and
anxiety in the body. Also massage is the best way to keep the body fit and free
of ailments. The feature suggests that Kerala massage is one of the best form
of massage and one of the best places in Delhi to avail this massage is at Kairali Ayurvedic Centre in Mehrauli.

Many Gentle Twists to the miracles of a good massage

While a vigorous workout is the new mantra for fitness , a gentler massage
can smoothen away stress, fatigue and even cure some ailments.

Scientific evidence suggest that both manual and mechanical massge can
make a difference to your physical state of well being. A massage improves blood
circulation, eases tension with varying pressure applied at different pressure
points in the body and promotes flexibility.

You end up with a general feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Many people swear by Kerala system of massage which is used both as
cure for several ailments as well as a general toner. The secret of the good
massage lies in the oil used and the expertise of the masseur. The Sirolepa massage
for instance is a massage from the head to the toe which increases blood

While the fingers twist and turn the fatigue out of your muscle, the
names of massages can quite literally be tongue ?twisters. Uzhichil and
Pizhichil are the two massaging techniques used in the Kerala system of
massage. The massages are either used separately or together as a cure for
ailments like rheumatism, hypertension, arthritis, lumbago, spondylitis and
slip disc. It is known to benefir polio patients too. While the Uzhichil
massage uses a limited quantity of oil, the pizhichil requires liters of
oil. The oil is literelly poured in the
patient?s body and gently, as he or she changes postures several times.

What amsaasge is used for which ailment and what are the ingredients of
the oil depends on the vatha, pitha and kapha principle of Ayurveda. If the
disease originates from imbalance in vatha, or wind, like ailments of the
nervous and muscular system, a Pizhichil
is administered. When the disease is caused by imbalance of pitha or
bile, a cold massage with oral medication is the answer. Hypertension, dropsy
and similar other problems result from kapha or phlegm imbalances. These are treated
with hot oil massages.

There is even a massage for common cold and sinusitis. A wad of cotton
is soaked in oil and pressed all around the head.

For an authentic Ayurvedic Kerala massage contact Kairali Ayurvedic office Mehrauli
road in the city and experience the health improvement.

Published on: November 23, 1995

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