Kairali Ayurvedic Center is the Gift Sponsor of International Women’s Day, 2019 by ICUNR


The Joy of Celebrating International Women’s Day
Indian Council for UN Relations (ICUNR) hosted an event to celebrate International Women’s Day at Le Meridien, at New Delhi on the 3rd of March, 2019. It was an event amongst some of the delegated members of India namely, Shabana Azmi (Bollywood Super Star and Social Activist, Leher Sethi, the Secretart and Co-ordinator of ICUNR and Major Gagandeep Bakshi.
Kairali Ayurvedic Center is a day-care treatment centre, located at different parts of India and abroad. It is one of the core divisions of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, that was established in the year 1908, under the aegis of expert disciplinarians. The first Ayurvedic centre by Kairali was opened in New Delhi in 1989. Following which numerous Ayurvedic treatment centres were established. The event held on 3rd of March, 2019, on International Women’s Day, brought in a lot of discussions among the panelists namely, Ash Devi, Deepika Krishna, Leher Sethi, Shabana Azmi, Yogita Bhayana and Dr. Udit Raj. This discussion had brought in various mainstream issues that has been debated ever since the time of independence, and that is Women Empowerment.
Kairali Ayurvedic Center had sponsored-Kairali’s Beauty Gift Box and vouchers of Rejuvenation Therapies (Abhyangam???) to women who were awarded for their extraordinary talents in their respective fields. These gifts are a token of appreciation from Kairali’s side and wish all women with great fortune and health. Following are the names of the awardees who were welcomed and appreciated for their extraordinary work in their fields:
1. Anjali Singh-Awarded for Excellence in Hospitality
2. Dr. Chiranjiv Chabra- Awarded for Excellence in Beauty & Wellness
3. H.E. Aashna W.R. Kanhai- Awarded for Excellence in Public Diplomacy
4. Jasmine Waldmann- Awarded for Excellence in Life Coaching
5. Kamal Kaur- Awarded for Excellence in Mountaineering
6. Megha Ahuja- Awarded for Excellence in Education and Awareness
7. Namrata Goyal- Awarded for Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship
8. Padma Shri Devayani Kumari- Awarded for Excellence in Dance
9. Rashi Rohatgi Khan- Awarded for Excellence in Public Relations
10. Ritu Saigal- Awarded for Excellence in Tourism
11. Shailjya Mittal- Awarded for Excellence in Entrepreneurship
12. Shalini Arora Kochhar- Awarded for Excellence in Women Empowerment
13. Suchi Mukherjee- Awarded for Excellence in Fashion
14. Swarna Raj- Awarded for Excellence in Para-Athletics

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