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Our Preventive and
Regenerative Retreat Package allows you to experience world-class Ayurvedic
treatments in the natural healing environment of Kerala, India. Kairali?s basic
retreat package offers guests all the benefits of traditional Ayurveda, with a
treatment routine reflecting the advice of ancient scripture. Guests receive a
daily Abhyangam oil massage, just as the Ayurvedic texts recommend. The
treatment is an excellent method of all-over conditioning conforming to the
core health principle of Ayurveda; that prevention is better than cure.

Traditional Oil Massage for Rejuvenation.

Kairali?s Preventive
and Regenerative Health Program is recommended for those seeking relaxation and
a boost to their general health through a traditional method of detox. The
program is designed for maximum rejuvenation, and is able to stop the progress
of any health problems in their tracks by removing toxins and restoring the
Ayurvedic Dosha balance. Guests
receive a leisurely consultation with our insightful Ayurvedic doctors, who
will perform an Ayurvedic dosha
analysis and prescribe the most beneficial herbal remedies for their personal
health needs. For the daily Abhyangam massage, the choice of medicated oil is
essential for rejuvenation and health. Guests will receive medicated oil
specially prepared for their individual requirements, helping to prevent future
health problems and induce maximum relaxation.

Ayurvedic Abhyangam
Massage for Relaxation and Health.

Your daily Abhyangam
massage treatment is an all-over treatment taking you to new depths of
relaxation, while performing an external detox to restore your health and
wellbeing. The massage is performed by two masseurs working in synchronization
at each side of the body. The process begins with a head massage and works
through supine and prone postures in order that every part of your body
receives a thorough four-handed massage. The process concludes with an Ayurvedic
steam bath, creating a deeply moisturizing experience for the skin and further
enhancing the health benefits.

Rest and Rejuvenate
in Kairali?s Natural Environment.

Guests at Kairali?s Ayurvedic
Healing Village are able to maximize the healing effects of their Ayurvedic
treatments by making the most of the activities and facilities available. Your
day begins with a group Hatha Yoga session, incorporating mindful movement and
Yogic breathing exercises to help you relax and absorb the benefits of your
Abhyangam health treatment. Our evening group meditation session adds to your
sense of relaxation and contributes to the emotional restoration of health that
you?ll undoubtedly experience. We also recommend gentle exercise during your
program of Ayurvedic rejuvenation, making use of our swimming pool, badminton
court or jogging path. Most importantly, you can boost your rejuvenation
experience simply by ?being? here ? our harmonious natural environment is full
of rare healing trees and herbs that transport you to a place of serenity from
the moment you enter our gates.

Kairali?s Preventive and Regenerative package is
the ideal choice for those seeking a short break in the heart of Kerala, India.
To find out more about this traditional health experience click here.

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