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Benefits of pinda taila and side effects

Pinda Thailam The Ayurvedic defense to beat the pain away

Pinda Taila may be a poly-herbal Ayurvedic body massage oil prepared from bee-wax, manjistha, sarjarasa, sariva, and sesame oil. This mystic lube acts wonders in abolishing pain and in calming the body. It is antimicrobial and wound recovering properties that work stare in settling wounds, fighting diseases, and relaxing the body.

Benefits of Pinda Taila

With all the hype about this marvelous Ayurvedic formulation, lets take a broader exploration of the miracles of Pinda Taila.

Treatment of Arthritis

Arthritis may be a painful condition marked by weakened joints and bones that sometimes occurs in adulthood. Pinda Taila has the facility to combat this painful woe of the bones. A gentle massage of Pinda Thailam supplies relief from the pain, raging sensation, redness, joint tenderness, and swelling that are commonly faced by arthritis patients. It’s especially recommended for gout arthritis and atrophic arthritis.

Curing Burning Feet (Burning Feet Syndrome)

This is a condition where the patient feels a burning sensation in the feet, generally amid paresthesia and numbness. Kneading the feet with Pinda Thailam aids in calming this burning sensation and alleviates the tiredness and fatigue of feet.

Rejuvenating the Skin

This herbal oil is additionally beneficial for multiple skin problems. The anti-microbial and moisturizing qualities of Pinda Taila benefit in evading excessive skin exfoliation heal foot injuries decreases skin rashes and guards against lesions.

Other benefits of Pinda Taila

  • Pinda taila is specially curated to appease pain, heat sensation, burning sensation, redness of the skin, joint tenderness, swelling within the joints, and pounding pain.

  • It helps in improving the movement within the joints.

  • It is used for ages to deal with tenderness, swelling, and stiffness of the body.

Pinda Taila side effects:

  1. As all the ingredients of this marvelous lotion come from nature there are not any side effects when applied externally.

  2. Pinda Taila is a massage oil and is suggested for external use only. It shouldn’t be administered for oral consumption.

  3. It is extremely effective in gout, varicose veins, arthritis, and sprains, and myalgia.

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