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Kairali has always been there to fight the health problems
no matter what the characteristics of the problem may be. Big or small, Kairali
Ayurvedic Group
makes sure to bring the change in you and your health by
modifying your lifestyle in a special and natural way. Here is a unique “health
and fitness programme” by Kairali to eliminate excess fat from the body thus
reducing weight without exercises and diet restrictions. Herbal oil massages
and ayurvedic medicines not only help one to lose excess weight but also reorganize
the whole body in a time period of few weeks. What is most outstanding is that
it is said to be the most natural and healthy way to lose excess weight. This
is far away from the fear of any complications and side effects related to
weight loss. There will be a long term effect as there will be no water loss
from the body. This particular weight loss regimen aids in dipping cholesterol
levels, prevents lipid depositions and maintains years of healthy, active and
vigorous life. The primary aim of the fortnightly schedule to fight obesity is
also to eliminate toxic factors that cause diseases. The intention is to
facilitate a wellness facility for everyone.

Besides wellness, the ayurvedic herbal massage oil treatment
tones up the skin which imparts shine to the skin leaving you look younger by
years. This promises to give you the very desired free, vibrant skin and a
healthy glowing complexion even after reducing weight by kilos. During massage,
herbal oils penetrates deep inside the skin thus nourishing the whole body
system and reducing the power of toxins so that the body can expel these out
easily. The effect of Ayurvedic nutrients is said to be extended deeper to the
tissue cells, bones and the very nerves due to direct penetration. The added
advantage is that these special herbal oil massages besides nullifying away the
excess fat removes flabbiness toning up the abdominal muscles, bulky hips,
fatty thighs, with an overall reduction of a few inches in the growth within a
week, with a youthful proportionate shape and soft glowing skin, what more does
one wish for.

Recipe for Maintaining Weight

Things Required:                  

100 gms carrot

100 gms green peas

 1 large onion

 100 gm green beans

What to do??

Clean and cut the entire vegetables and pressure cook with 4
cups of water. Blend these vegetables and make it into a thick soup. Add salt
and pepper. This is very good for lunch/dinner with rice or chappati (bread) to
get all the nourishments required and also will not add up to your weight. You
could also add any other green vegetables available in your country.

Menu for Losing Weight

Breakfast : One should contain only seasonal fresh fruits
with no sugar syrups.

Lunch : Fresh light soup with no butter or any type of oils
with rice/chappati/bread.

Dinner : Fresh light soup with no butter or any type of oils
with rice/chappati/bread, and fresh fruits

For More Details Pls Click & Read our Cook Book.


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