Incredible Ambiance | Wellbeing Center | Relax and Rejuvenate


location is beautiful and peaceful, the treatments that are offered here can
refresh and de-stress the mind and body completely.
I was so tired because of my busywork
schedule. Their yoga, meditation and Ayurveda Treatments helped me to recover
from the stress and connect with my inner self and get recharged. I strongly recommended this
Ayurveda Resort for Authentic AyurvedicTreatments. The restaurant offers Ayurvedic food that suits your constitution
and body type. The menu is based on Ayurveda, because for the best results of
Ayurvedic treatments the guest must follow perfect diet. This resort can provide all types of Ayurveda Treatments. The
staff is great and smiling and
enthusiastic every day, and make you feel very welcome and relaxed. The ambiance
is incredibly relaxing and peaceful.

Feedback Given By Ashlin Mathew ? 7.09.2013

?It?s a place one has to come to connect with one?s inner
self. To confront the force in your head. The food , the surroundings make one
want more of such serenity. Thank you.?

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