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Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village- For a Relaxing and Unique Holiday Experience

The Ayurvedic Healing Village is a unique place for a holiday experience. It has a peaceful and serene ambience along with the best and the most authenticancient Indian Ayurvedic treatments and yoga practices. Tucked away in the tropical greenery, the serene calmness of the retreat offers the guests with the best of Kerala lifestyle, Ayurveda therapies, a healthy diet, Yoga and Meditation and modern living amenities. A stay here ensures an effective holistic healing through Ayurveda and reinstates the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance with nature.

This wellness retreat amidst the jungles of Palakkad, Kerala is known to be situated at a place which is the origin of Ayurveda. The soothing environment, peaceful ambience and a healing touch enables everyone to be close to nature. Balancing the doshas through Ayurveda seems to be one of the best waysto get rid of any kind of bodily imbalances.

Feedback Given By Simone Sotto Mayor ? 29/09/2013

?Very relaxing Place, friendly people.?

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