Kairali Hand Sanitizers – Certified by the Eurofins Labs


Manufactured by one of the largest Ayurvedic Groups, the Kairali Herbal Hand Sanitizers have changed the way you wash your hands with its innovative product. The all-in-one product is a 70% Alcohol hand sanitizer which eliminates 99.9% of germs.

As one of the few authentic products in the market, the hand sanitizers have been approved by the Eurofins Scientific Labs for being highly effective against bacteria and viruses. With stringent quality control, not all hand sanitizers pass their test much less get their approval. We are one of the few that are recognized by them as being able to kill the germs and viruses as claimed. Check the Report-http://bit.ly/3o7QXgk


Eurofins Scientific Labs

Eurofins Scientific Labs is one of the key emerging players in Europe and the USA. Operating more than 800 labs in 50 countries, it offers over 200,000 analytical methods for testing the authenticity, composition, and purity of products. They aim at making sure the consumers get a product that is of high quality and is safe to use by all.


Kairali Ayurvedic Products

Kairali Group is a well-established name in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic products and wellness products. We believe in countering the new age health problems with herbal products formulated with a blend of modern science and ancient Ayurveda while strictly following the ancient Ayurvedic practices. Our unit is GMP certified by the Licensing Authority of the Ayurveda Department for Ayurveda and Unani Services.

Our quality is unmatched under the guidance of experienced doctors and by following international standards for manufacturing. We procure all our raw materials from local farmers who grow them with our support. However, rare herbs and plants are grown at our farm supervised by our trained personnel. These are harvested at the right time of the year and day to maintain their potency.

Kairali Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Our premium and the most sought product is the Herbal Hand Sanitizers. Available in two versions, gel and liquid form, they are gentle on the skin with a mild fragrance that lingers behind. The sanitizer comes with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help to instantly stop the growth of bacteria and viruses.

-We offer both small retail versions and also sanitizer bulk supplies for commercial purposes. Then, there are our on-the-go packs and sachets to carry in your bags.

If you are a business looking to expand your lines, we offer sanitizer third-party manufacturing. Buy products from us and launch them under your label. Or if you are someone looking to launch your brand, we can help you out with our high-quality genuine hand sanitizers.

You can also approach us for distributorship or for wholesale business. We can help you with sanitizer bulk supply and increase your business at a very low operating cost.

For any business inquiries, call us at 9555156156 or email us at support@kairaliproducts.com.

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