Kairali Hand Sanitizer


Hand Hygiene is the most effective and convenient way of reducing infections and germs from hands in a few seconds. Hands are the primary carriers of infection and therefore maintaining hand hygiene helps reduce the oral transmission. Poor hand hygiene and lack of hand hygiene practices have contributed to many outbreaks for communicable diseases and recent communicable disease Coronavirus(COVID-19) has been spreading due to unhygienic practices. COVID-19, a recent outbreak of 2020 is a contagious respiratory disease that was first detected in China and the number of cases is continuing to increase worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus a pandemic. With the increase in the positive cases, people are trying all sorts of precautionary and protective measures to fight with this deadly virus. WHO has recommended maintaining proper hygiene and using genuine hand sanitizers for prevention of such communicable diseases. The necessity of hand sanitizer has gained popularity worldwide, so Kairali Hand sanitizers have appeared to be a great option for maintaining hand hygiene. They are used for cleaning dirty and contaminated hands without using soap or water. It is an effective alternative solution to clean dirt from the hands when soap or water is not available.

Thousands of people die every day worldwide from communicable diseases and hand hygiene can significantly reduce the risk of cross-transmission of infection in healthcare facilities. So adherence to good hand hygiene practice results in a reduction of disease transmissions. The ability of hand hygiene, including handwashing or the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to prevent infections which is related to the reductions in the number of pathogens that transiently contaminate the hands. Hands become grossly contaminated with pathogens upon patient contact or touching the dirty articles or items and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the easiest and most effective means of decontaminating hands and thereby reducing the risk of infections. Frequent hand washing is still considered as one of the most effective measures to control infections. Kairali, a 100-year-old Ayurveda company introduced an Instant Herbal hand sanitizer that effectively kills 99.99% bacteria or germs from the hands in a few seconds by leaving sweet and long-lasting fragrance upon its repetitive use. This Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers contains certain moisturizers that help soften rough and dry hands, softens the dry cuticles and thus provides a germ-free hand. Kairali Hand sanitizers are considered as one of the best hand sanitizers as they are convenient to use and it also ensures the proper maintenance of sanitation and hygiene on the go. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help fight against germs and bacterial actions and also suppress or inactivates their growth by killing them.

Benefits of Kairali hand sanitizer

Mild fragrance

Effective against infections

Kills 99.99% germs and bacteria from the hands in about 10 seconds

An effective alternative when soap or water is not available

Antibacterial and antimicrobial

It is specially designed and manufactured with an innovative packing that ensures durability and eliminates the possibility of leakage. This is important to know when to clean your hands and which method to use will give you the best chance of preventing infections. So everyone must be aware that when and how should sanitizer be used. Hand sanitizers should always be used after and before public places during work, after work out, traveling to the places. Use it while traveling and also when you touch any dirty article or object.

Kairali Hand Sanitizer ensures protection from bacteria and germs anywhere you go.

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