Kairali Ayurveda Group supports Government for supplying Hand sanitizers


Keeping in view that hand sanitizers are being available at great or at exorbitant prices, the Government has declared these items as essential commodities.

Kairali Ayurvedic Group, 100 year old Ayurvedic brand introduces a new age Instant Kairali Hand Sanitizer that helps cleans dirty and contaminated hands. Fortunately, Kairali hand sanitizers have a perfect solution for all your problems. The demand of sanitizers is increasing day by day and in order to maintain demand supply some of the actions were taken by the Government immediately.

Kairali Ayurvedic Group is proud to be associated with various Government organizations such as Indian Red Cross Society and Karnataka State Labour Institute for supplying them hand sanitizers to protect the vulnerable people and communities from COVID-19. To supplement the efforts of the Government, Indian Red cross society and Karnataka state labor institute has mobilized essential supplies that include Kairali Hand Sanitizers. Kairali is working to protect volunteers for COVID-19 and vulnerable people as well as the medical fraternity engaged in the treatment and medication of patients.

Kairali hand sanitizers are available in bulk packaging options of 50ltrs and 250ltrs to supply to various institutes, government offices, hospitals and schools. These bulk canisters help buyers to maximize their savings and cut down on wastage. The bulk pack is used to refill the hand sanitizer dispensers. Kairali produces sanitizers in a liquid form so they can be easily used to refill the hand sanitizer dispensers. Install the dispensers in the prominent places around the specific or the target area. Make sure these dispensers are regularly filled. This disinfectant can also be sprayed on every corner of the work places and institutions, seats, desks, chairs, tables and can also be sanitized using a dispenser. Government is motivating the sanitizer manufacturers to run their units in all three shifts so that they can utilize their installed capacity to produce the maximum quantity of hand sanitizers. Sanitizer industry should also be encouraged to enhance their production capacity for which necessary permissions may be accorded. Government is using dispensers filled with Kairali sanitizers for spraying onto the buildings, transportation, and to the hot spot areas that require complete sanitation. These hand sanitizers are also being supplied to the hospitals, schools and other organizations where the risk of Covid-19 is high. Kairali hand sanitizer for hospitals and health care facilities support the standard of care with the fast and effective hand sanitizers that deliver antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the Government Institutes with Kairali hand sanitizers are important for preventing infections. Kairali hand sanitizer is the best practice for cleaning workstations. Even if the surfaces or objects are not visibly dirty but germs and other microorganisms are invisible on the equipment. To reduce the risks associated with the secondary transmission of illness or infection, all staff should be encouraged to regularly clean their hands from hand sanitizer.

These Herbal hand sanitizers effectively kill 99.99% bacteria and germs from the hands leaving behind a soft and germ-free hand. It is an effective alternative for hand wash when soap and water are not available, as it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It has a germ-fighting ability and gives you long-lasting fragrance.

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