Kairali Ayurveda employs Vermicomposting process


Kairali Ayurveda believes in supporting initiatives to assess and take responsibility for improving the environment and impact on social welfare. The company has carried out various activities for ensuring environmental sustainability. The activities aim at encouraging alternative and eco-friendly energy resources. Kairali Ayurvedic Group has employed a system to recycle all our organic waste and convert into the manure, which is sprinkled in the organic farm/garden to enrich the soil for agriculture in the most natural way possible. Kairali employed vermicomposting in their organic gardens that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable. Vermicomposting technology combines all these virtues and qualities together. We promoted vermicomposting for waste and land management and also for enhancing the fertility of soil to increase crop production and the production of bioactive components.

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