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Impressive review of Ayurvedic
Healing Village by Merry Weddings

A remarkable article by Merry Weddings about the pre wedding
ayurvedic therapies at Kairali ? The
Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala. With a wellness retreat at
Ayurvedic Healing Village one can not only get a complete detox from the junk
food, pollutants and chemicals of the city but also can get a complete holistic
makeover and look radiant , glowing and get
into perfect shape and mood just before the wedding day.

Pre-wedding Pampering for a Healthy Glow on D-Day

A glowing face, a
radiant aura and a healthy, flexible body ? if that?s your idea of how you
should look and feel on your wedding, then consider a pre-wedding wellness
retreat to get you into the perfect shape and mood. At Kairali ? The Ayurvedic
Healing Village
in Palakkad, Kerala, you not only get a complete detox from the
junk food, pollutants and chemicals of the city, you also get a complete
?reboot? to your lifestyle, taking you back to the ?default? of your natural
state, with a healthy glow in time for D-day.

Situated at a drive of
about 90 minutes away from Coimbatore airport, the first thing that strikes you
as you enter the Kairali zone is the difference in temperature ? due to its
painstakingly maintained forest-like ambience, it?s actually cooler here than a
few miles around. Typical Kerala hospitality greets you at the reception with a
sandalwood tikka on your forehead and tender coconut water to sip on. Guest
villas are spread across a large area and have been planned meticulously as per
astrological and Ayurvedic principles ? for instance, the pyramid structure of
the roofs will ensure that your headache (if any) will ebb in just a few
minutes. You are allotted a room based on your date of birth and corresponding
auspicious direction.

According to Ayurvedic
principles, ?nutrition? is everything taken in by the mouth (food and water),
the nose (breath), the ear (silence, mantras and music), the skin (sunlight and
minerals) and the eyes (our surroundings). Hence, all these aspects are
considered and offered to guests in measured abundance. Meals are served at
fixed times and are mostly vegan with a dairy dessert thrown in once in a
while; the menu is based on your personal diet as recommended by the doctors
here. You can even attend cooking classes to learn how to reproduce the
nutritive Kerala dishes back home. All guests are recommended an hour of yoga
at 6.30 am daily, and an hour of meditation, chanting and pranayam at 6.30 pm.
Facilities for entertainment the rest of the day include swimming ? which is
also recommended as therapy for certain patients ? and indoor games such as
billiards and carom. There?s a gym and a library for those so inclined. Most
people, though, prefer to just take a walk ? the heavenly scenery and pathway
through the green gardens and natural stream here make for a compelling stroll
all by yourself, lost in thought. The day goes by in a jiffy with the tranquil
cacophony of nature for company.

Besides the natural
beauty and organic lifestyle, the treatment centre here is definitely a
highlight. With several different Ayurvedic treatments to choose from, the
doctor will assign you one that is best suited to your needs and body type. The
therapists have decades of experience and know just how much or how little
pressure to apply. Those looking to lose weight are guaranteed to lose a few
kilos after a few of the Abhyangam or Potli massages here. You can also stroll
into the store and buy some of the locally produced lotions and potions ? from
herbal tea to moisturizer to body scrubs ? all of which are completely natural
and highly effective.

It is best if you spend
a week here a few days before your wedding, but even just four nights here will
ensure that you return with a complete holistic makeover. Your family will
comment that you look younger, your skin is glowing, you seem to have lost
weight ? and they will be right. You will notice you have a new clarity and
calm in the face of stressful circumstances, and that you don?t lose your cool
despite the hectic mayhem of the wedding. Perhaps you will adopt some of those
changes into your lifestyle for good. Either way, it?s a healthy way to head
into the most significant phase of your life.

Have a merry wedding!

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