How to run a successful wholesale B2B distribution business?


So if you belong to the hand sanitizer B2B wholesale distribution business, here are a few ways that can help you in dealing with its challenges.

1. Keep an eye on your cash flows

Being in a sanitizer B2B business environment means your customers are other businesses hence expecting a delay in receiving your payments from them is certain.

However, as a sanitizer wholesale distribution business, you do have your own payments and dues to clear that you owe to your suppliers.

So keeping a balance between what, when, and how much you receive from your clients as against what, when, and how much you have to pay ahead; should be your primary concern.

2. Build customer profiles

As a sanitizer B2B wholesale distribution business, chances are that you won’t necessarily have many customers but a selected few big ones.

So managing each customer’s profile shouldn’t be an issue.

Keep a record of the frequency and volume of their purchases and their payment times.

3. Manage your inventory levels

When you know how often your customers return and what they are likely to order, you can easily manage your inventory levels.

In addition to this, you should also adopt methods to monitor the movement of inventory when it comes inside and leaves your warehouse.

For a more efficient solution, instead of relying on physical counts, integrate your inventory management system into your order handling system.

4. Automate your systems

Automate your system as much as possible and reduce your reliance on employing humans at every stage of business.

For example, in each successful transaction, human interference should be to confirm, pack and dispatch the order. All other tasks such as inventory management, receiving online payments, sending payment reminders, etc. can be automated.

5. Compete in key areas

Businesses tend to engage in price wars which can make a healthy business suffer. To compete in areas such as making your customer service better to get an edge.

This is because sometimes reducing price can worsen your product quality and is not possible after a certain level as well.

6. Fast order fulfillment methods

When you know the behavior of your customers, you can adopt a proactive approach to order fulfillment rather than starting to process their orders after you receive them.

7. Focus on establishing long term business relationships

No matter what your size, focus on building a strong and long-lasting business relationship with each of your clients.

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