Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Common Cold and Cough: Treatment and Herbal Preparations


Even-though-Common Cold& Cough,-it-needs-Care
Common cold and cough are two of the most common diseases that people suffer from during any season of the year. Even though it sounds common but it needs extra care and concern as this initial stage of cold and cough tends to be viral and then lead to a serous health issue. This common cold, in medical terms is referred to as viral upper respiratory tract infection. Cough is one of the symptoms of common cold. Even though different medicines and treatments are available for the cure of cold and cough, natural treatments are always beneficial for the body.
The most common notion that people carry regarding common cold is that it occurs when people gets exposed to cold climatic conditions. But this is not the case. Cold weather does not cause common cold but it promotes close contact. Cough is of different types. Coughing due to allergy is different from that of coughing due to flu or cold.- Inspite of the symptoms being same, they have different grounds to differ from. Some of the common symptoms of common cold are:
-1. Sneezing
2. Running Nose
3. Cough
4. Fever
5. Sore throat
Causes of Common Cold
Now in order to cure cold and cough, we need to first understand what causes this condition to occur so that we can eliminate the root cause of it. Let us see some of the causes of this health condition:-
1. Common cold and cough is a contagious disease that is caused from different airborne viruses. It has been found that more than 200 viruses are responsible for the cause of this deteriorating health condition.-
2. It has been noticed that common cold occurs mostly during autumn, winter and spring season.
3. It spreads after hand-to-hand contact with someone who is already suffering from cold and cough.

How to-cure-Cold-and-Cough?
When we speak of natural remedies or preparations to get rid of common cold and cough, we generally refer to home remedies or solutions given by Ayurveda. Now, as Ayurveda is an ancient medical science, it has given the world a lot of healthy tips and guidelines to keep ourselves fit and free from diseases. It eliminates the root cause of the disease, thus maintaining the healthy structure of the body. Ayurvedic treatments to cure common cold and cough are the best way to remain healthy and fit. Kairali Ayurvedic Group is one of the ancient Ayurvedic brands that delivers the best Ayurvedic treatments and packages for a holistic living. Some of the Ayurvedic therapies that helps to attain complete vitality and get rid of common cold symptoms are as follows:
a. Abhyangam
2. Shirodhara
3. Nasyam
Apart from these therapies there are certain Ayurvedic preparations that can be done at home to keep us warm and free from the cold and cough. As per Ayurveda it is said that kapha disorder is the cause of this cold and this can be pacified by following the below mentioned points. However, these natural cough remedies act as medicines that help to maintain the immunity of the body without any side-effects:
1. Sipping a herbal drink made with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and 4 cups filtered water.
2. Gargling with salt water.
3. Cleaning the nasal passage on a regular basis.
4. Including ginger in the diet.
5. Practicing breathing exercise to clear the nasal passage.
6. Drinking hot water to flush out the toxins.
7. Inducing adequate amount of sleep.
These home remedies are highly essential to take care of the body while suffering from common cold and cough. Apart from medicines, time to time care of the body is a must to uplift the immunity and strength of the body.

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