ET Now Video | The Ayurvedic Healing Village Video | Weekend Getaway


The Ayurvedic Healing Villagerecentlyhosted a team of media professionals fromET NOW, India’s premier business news channel.

Kamiya Verma ofWeekend Mantra, a segment dedicated toexploring trendylifestyle options,was enthusiastic abouttheKairali flagship resortin India’s deep south.Reporting fromamid thewindblown palm trees ofKerala’s serene setting, she says “…Kairali promises to detoxify your body and give birth to a new you”.

Abhilash K Ramesh, Director of theKairali Group, in a rare interviewspeaksofthe essence of ancientAyurveda, how it provides nourishment for all the senses, physical and spiritual. He drops his professional face for a moment and grins, as he says, tongue-firmly-in-cheek, “…it’s not just about an oil massage!Ayurveda is basicallythescience ofhow to live life”.

The brief presentation,now available onET NOW’sexclusive channel onYouTube, emphasizes that the Ayurvedic Healing Village is a complete weekendgetaway; itoffers yoga, meditation, spa treatments,nutritional and medical counseling and even, for those interested in what thestars foretell, palm- and aura-reading.

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