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The leading choice of many of our
customers, Kairali?s Holistic Treatment for Detoxification and Rejuvenation offers
a traditional Ayurvedic wellbeing routine, as well as personalized treatments
for your individual health needs. The package choice represents a shorter-term
and more economic option than Panchakarma, without sacrificing the
compassionate individual treatment that?s such an essential part of Kairali?s
detox retreats. Guests can expect complete rejuvenation of mind and body, and
those with milder health conditions will receive targeted therapy from our
expert Ayurvedic doctors.

Kairali?s Ayurvedic Detox Retreat.

Our Detoxification and Rejuvenation retreat
program begins with an in-depth doctor?s consultation, giving our experts the
chance to decide the most beneficial detox plan for you. They?ll manage every
part of your detoxification process according to their assessment of your
Ayurvedic dosha constitution,
monitoring your herbal treatments and dietary plan every step of the way.
Kairali?s luxury Ayurvedic detox retreat will include an internal cleanse, as
well as twice-daily Ayurvedic spa treatments; approaching the detoxification
process from internal and external directions to achieve optimum benefits.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation

Just like the human organism, Ayurveda is a
complex science, and it is often said that no two treatment programs can ever
be the same. Kairali holds this Ayurvedic principle very close to their heart,
and every part of the treatment process is personalized to you. Even the
massage oil chosen for each individual is medicated using a careful selection
of herbs based on ancient recipes for your exact dosha combination. Your personal treatment plan will only be
established at the time of your doctor?s consultation, but in the meantime, we
can give you an idea of which treatments to expect on a detoxification and
rejuvenation retreat package:


The classic Ayurvedic treatment for daily
wellbeing, the Abhyangam oil massage usually forms the basis of an Ayurvedic
detox process. Specially medicated oil is applied all over the head and body in
a four-handed synchronised massage. Every part of the body is treated in this
classic external ?lubrication? process, ending with a steam bath to further
enhance the detoxifying effect.


Undoubtedly the best known Ayurvedic
relaxation treatment, Sirodhara involves the rhythmic pouring of oil or
buttermilk onto the forehead, at the site of the ?third eye? chakra. The hour
long process is extremely relaxing and many guests report a hypnagogic or
trance-like state, giving them relaxation benefits equivalent to several hours
sleep. During an Ayurvedic detox retreat, Sirodhara performs a dual function;
conditioning the nervous system as well as relaxing you deeply in order to
absorb the changes you?ll experience.

Kadikizhi and Elakizhi

With excellent benefits for weight-loss,
skin health and cellulite, Ayurvedic treatments of the ?-kizhi? family use linen
poultices to apply herbal leaves and Ayurvedic powders to the skin. Kadikizhi
and Elakizhi are two of the most popular poultice treatments at The Ayurvedic
Healing Village, with benefits for weight-loss and joint health, respectively.

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