Common Mistakes You Could Be Making When Following Ayurvedic Skincare, Here’s How You Can Reverse The Damage


Ayurvedi skincare exists for centuries. And with time, the treatment and daily living as per Ayurveda has received a momentum across the world. However, this traditional method goes beyond simple topical remedies, putting more emphasis on achieving balance between the mind, body, and spirit to reveal the genuine brilliance inside. “As with any skincare regimen, ayurvedic skincare has many advantages, but to fully enjoy them, it must be used with caution and knowledge,” says Dr Sanchit Sharma, the founder of Ayouthveda. He points out some of the typical problems that might reduce the effectiveness of Ayurvedic skincare products and the available solutions to avoid them.

Ignoring Individual Doshas

Ayurveda categorises individuals into three main doshas — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha — representing different energy types. Each dosha has specific characteristics and skincare needs. Ignoring your dominant dosha while practising Ayurvedic skincare can lead to ineffective results or even elevate the existing skin issues.


The key to unlocking radiant skin lies in customising your skincare ritual as per your dosha. For the ones with Pitta dosha can choose calming components in their skincare. While Vata-dominant skin calls for nurturing hydration and oil-based solutions, Kapha dominants should choose detoxifying solution in their skincare product.

Overloading on Products

With the abundance of Ayurvedic skincare products available, it’s easy to get carried away and try multiple products at once. However, using too many products simultaneously can overwhelm your skin and disrupt its natural balance. This can lead to irritation, breakouts, and sensitivities.


Use minimal approach when it comes to skin care. Begin with a gentle cleanser followed by moisturiser. Allow your skin the time to blend each product’s essence on the skin. Choose quality over quantity for your self-care.

Neglecting Internal Health

In Ayurveda, radiant skin is not solely achieved through external treatments but is deeply connected to one’s internal health. Neglecting your diet, sleep patterns, and overall lifestyle can hinder the effectiveness of Ayurvedic skincare.


Adopt a lifestyle that’s a complete blend of self care and healthy diet. Try including fresh fruits and whole foods. Make yoga and meditation a part of your daily routine.

Using Incorrect Techniques

Ayurvedic skin care involves unique techniques like facial massages, herbal steaming, and oil pulling. Performing these techniques incorrectly or without proper guidance can lead to unsatisfactory results and potential discomfort.


It is recommended to practice any Ayurvedic technique under guidance. It is suggested to learn correct techniques for facial massage, steaming and oil pulling. These techniques help improve blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and absorption.

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