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Bridge Course Suggested
for Ayurvedic Practitioners

A nine month bridge course, -that will involve advance technology and modern
medicinal system , has been proposed for all the ayurvedic practitioners across
India to train them to treat the common health problem encountered in rural

Muralikumar, chairperson, Central Council for Indian Medicine (CCIM) in the graduation
day at the Taranath Government Ayurveda College told the Hindu that, there is a
shortage of around 75,000 doctors in the country and the Union government had
decided to make use of the services of practitioners of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani,
Siddi and Homeopathy to provide health services in government hospitals. She
further insisted the need for protecting and developing the flora and fauna to guarantee
that there would not be scarcity of medicinal herbs for ayurveda medicine
manufacture. She added that the CCIM will soon take up the matter with Union
government and lay stress on developing the flora and fauna.

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