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Ayurvedic Beauty Tips
and Secrets to Modern beauty

Beauty, in the Ayurveda sense does not mean external appearance and make up.
The real beauty is inside and when you are healthy inside it naturally
shows in your face
and the faceglows. True beauty is the result
of general good health that
can be gained by following ayurvedic
beauty tips and secrets

Ayurveda identifies three
different skin types – Vata skin, Pitta
Skin and Kapha Skin. Imbalance in the bodydosha leads to all types of skin problems. Knowing your
skin type gives you clues as to what you should eat and how to plan your daily
routine to balance and nourish your skin.

There are no beauty
tips and tricks
of Ayurveda .
Ayurveda teaches that it is very important to eat a proper diet and
maintain a healthy lifestyle to get
glowing skin. It is essential to have
skin nourishing food like-

  • Green Leafy vegetables- contain vitamins, iron
    and calcium and are high in antioxidant properties. They nourish the skin enhance
    it and protect it from premature aging. Eat fresh, whole organic foods that are
    freshly prepared.
  • Ghee (clarified butter) and organic, extra
    virgin olive oil should be included in the diet as they lubricate, nourish and
    create lustre in the skin.
  • Nuts and Almonds lubricate the skin and keep it
  • Always avoid packaged, canned, frozen, processed
    foods and leftovers.

Also it is essential to stay away from stress as stress
causes dryness and thinning of skin, wrinkles and stress lines.

The best
ayurvedic treatment to improve your beauty and get
a lasting glow is-

  • Shodhana is the internal cleansing of the body with
    the help of Panchakarma
  • Shaman is the external treatment of the skin
    through application and massage of medicated oils like Kairali Kaya Oil and
    Karishma oil. And also intake of some purifying medication s like

Every woman can be radiantly beautiful by simply leading
a healthy lifestyle , by getting
proper sleep and taking a healthy
and nourishing diet.

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