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I recently returned from Kerala
after doing the Detoxification & Rejuvenation treatment at Kairali’s
Ayurvedic resort in Palakkad. It was a 7 night 8 day programme and how I wish I
had booked for a longer Stay!!! Immediately upon arrival I was examined by the wonderful
team of Doctors there, who very quickly picked up all my ailments, and I was
set on a course…..the days that followed were filled with caring and healing.
The amazing team of the doctors and ayurvedic experts , so kindly followed my
everyday routines, customising every day to the needs of the required treatment. I needed some specific treatments and I was
really stressed; but upon arrival I felt calmed , ….the whole resort has been
built on the science of Vaastu Shastra -(the Vedic mathematic of architecture)
I could feel the tranquillity in the environment! It’s almost magical! I have
to mention the staff at the Restaurant and all other departments are just
exceptionally friendly and nice ……they don’t just serve you….they do it
with Love…..

The Chef was very happy to cater
to any special needs I requested during my stay.

Highly Recommended to anyone who
is looking to travel for the purpose of Healing the body and Mind! KAIRALI
continues to maintain a tradition that is Authentic!

I have returned from there ,
totally refreshed and feeling almost as good as new and am already planning my
next trip to LEARN this science of Balancing the Body thru Ayurveda. We all
have heard that a Healthy body keeps a Healthy Mind!!!!

Thank you Kairali for helping me
heal myself! Even 4 months of physiotherapy did not bring me the relief , I got
in a single sitting during my treatment! I was so surprised to see how quickly
we can heal when we do the Correct treatment! Look forward to returning soon!

Feedback given by Pooja Bubbna

?A refreshing, rejuvenating experience. Fantastic service on
all ends. Look forward to visiting again. Special mention to Treatment Center
staff and Doctors! Thank you Mr Umesh
for your fantastic hospitality. Thank you Kairali!?

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