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An Interesting Article About the latest Spa Trends to watch out In

The Humming Notes is an website
that tries to bring together the best of all the fields in an out of the
ordinary manner through interesting write-ups, its sole purpose is to keep the readers informed about the latest
trends and happenings. On its March 19, 2014 issue there was an interesting
article titled as ?Spa trends to watch
out for in 2014?
where The Director of Kairali Group was quoted about his
views on holistic preventive therapies. This article emphasis the new trend of spa travellers who try and combine the
benefits of exploring differing cultures whilst staying healthy and active,
mixing discovery with well-being on holiday.

2013 saw a major boom
in the spa and wellness, more so because people have become aware about keeping
their bodies in sync with their minds. Supriya Aggarwal brings out spa trends
that are expected to rule the year 2014 with insights from industry experts.

The main essence of
the spa therapies is to create a perfect balance between ?Well-being and
Lifestyle?. In today?s fast paced time, people lead an extremely stressed life.
Keeping this in mind, spas are now coming up with specially designed therapies
for clients to render a more personalized approach for fulfilling their
individual requirements. An emerging new
segment in the space are the spa
travellers who are now combining the benefits of exploring differing cultures
whilst staying healthy and active, mixing discovery with well-being on holiday.
Let?s have a look at the spa therapies one should indulge in this year.

Abhilash K. R., Director of Kairali Ayurveda group feels that
anti-ageing treatments and preventive care would rule. He believes that people
have started taking care of their bodies and mind by doing preventive therapies
and anti aging therapies to maintain their youth.

Mango and Sticky Rice
Body Scrub

Mango Scrub Infused
with mango butter, creamy coconut and rice, this deliciously aromatic scrub
gently exfoliates the skin to ensure it is left feeling moist and nourished. A
generous application of coconut milk is then applied all over the body, leaving
a delightful scent and super-smooth skin surface. This full-body treatment is
designed to reveal perfectly finished skin.

?Mango sticky rice
body scrub is a popular body treatment across all Breeze spas, inspired by
Thailand?s much-loved, authentic dessert. The scrub granule made of rice powder
and coconut shell assists the purification and regeneration of the skin.? says
Sukanya Borrisuttanakul ? Manager, Spa Training at ONYX Hospitality Group.

For more details,
click here.

Hot Stone Candle
Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Candle
massage is a unique treatment; a combination of the conventional hot stone
massage known for its relaxing properties and the contemporary candle massage
that will lead you to an unwinding experience.

The candles, which
contain jojoba oil are especially created for the massage and are heated before
application. the perfect temperature for muscle relaxation while being
non-sticky. The long continuing warmth of the smooth stones in combination with
the warm melted candle oil infused with Moroccan Argan Oil and Dead Sea
Minerals ? is said to promote relaxation while energizing and revitalizing the
central nervous system.

Priti Seth ? Owner,
Pachouli Spa says that people are more fond of Thai massage therapy owing to
the advanced stretching techniques. But for those who prefer oil therapy are
more happy with Aroma fusion therapy as it is a blend of herbs infused in aromatic
oil that is very destressing and relaxing for the mind and soul. Looking at the
trend we believe Aroma Fusion Therapy should be a rage in the coming days, said

For more details,
click here.

Shiatsu Therapy

Tension among muscles
can be treated by Shiatsu, a Japanese technique. It is another dry massage
which only focuses on the release of tension among the muscle giving you a deep
relaxation. However, if you are looking at special oil for home-massages during
winters then you can always opt for ginger oil, seed oil and schezuan pepper
oil which are easily available. For more details, click here.

The Bayra Massage

Alaya%20SpaIdeal for
overworked muscles and aids in a pleasurable release of tension knots with a
special focus on back and calf and thigh muscles. It is a slow, deep massage
technique using long flowing strokes over the whole body, to help release the
stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and
deeply relaxed, in a natural state of well-being. This massage is exclusively
available at the Rait Spa, Suryagarh. For more details, click here.

?2014 shall see focus
on personalized wellness, a well balanced and healthy diet The Spa,
Shangri-Laalong with fusion fitness programs. What will be very popular in spas
will be authentic Ayurvedic treatments combined with modern therapies. Also the
concept of exclusive spas which provide couple treatment rooms with Jacuzzi,
steam room, relaxation room along with dining facilities will become the rage
in 2014.? Says Joseph Skaria, the
Director of The Spa at Shangri-La, Delhi.

Unwind yourself with
one of these therapies. Let the healing powers of the therapies weave their
magic and help you to relax your mind and body of all the fatigue. It?s time to
close your eyes and meet your inner self.

Published on: 19th
March 2014

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