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product distribution

Product distribution involves delivery,
packaging, and transportation. It is related to sales of the organization. A
distributor is a professional who buys products, stores them, and then sells
them through a distribution channel. These individuals work on behalf of a
particular organization and are in between consumers, retailers, and
manufacturers. In short, distributors create a relationship with manufacturers
and clients.

What are the product
distribution channels?

It refers to the business flow that exists
between consumer and manufacturer. It is the way to which a transaction follows.
Distributors are the professionals that sell or deliver products to retailers.
These channels can be complex and simple. There are indirect or direct
channels. Producers work directly with the consumers is a direct channel and on
the other hand indirect channel incorporates intermediaries into sales flow.

Levels of distribution

? A level zero distribution
channel is the simplest one. It is related to the direct sale from the
manufacturers to consumers with no intermediary.

? As the middleman, there is intermediary
between consumer and producer. The example is consumer and manufacturer.

? Similarly, two intermediaries
are involved in consumer and producer in level two.

In level three, broker or agent comes in. Agents work on behalf of
the companies and deal primary with wholesalers. Now products are sold to
retailers and then sell to consumers.

Types of Distribution

? Intensive distribution
penetrates as much of the market as possible.

? Selective distribution selects outlets in a certain location. It is related to a specific store of

Exclusive or niche distribution is related to limited outlets. It
means anything from luxury brands that are exclusive to special locations.

Which business is the most
suitable for product distribution?

These days, demand for the Ayurvedic
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Kairali Group in India produces these
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