Kairali provides medical care and free check-ups to the needy individuals


Kairali Ayurveda Group provides active assistance, financial as well as administrative, to various hospitals and schools in Kerala.- This company works with a vision to create wellness, rural development, education regarding healthcare within the underprivileged. Under healthcare development, we work in the districts of Kerala to provide medical facilities and care to those who are in need. Apart from providing a whole range of healthcare to the community, the organization also provides free medical check-ups. In the year 2011, Kairali offered free medical check-ups and health consultation to 5000 people along with 2 nights stay in a patient facility at Kairali ? The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala. On the healthcare front, there are multiple programs currently operational. Adopting a girl and then donating money for her eye operation. The quality of healthcare services in India is alarming and now it is the high time to contribute and lift the poor condition of public health.

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