Ayurvedic Products To Keep Hypertension Afar


Hypertension is the most general physical
problem prevailing these days. It is basically an arterial disease accompanied
by high blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure results in higher degree of
risk sometimes fatal too. In this the blood circulation in the blood vessels
slows down as the heart finds it difficult to carry on with the process. Hypertension is of two types, primary
hypertension and secondary hypertension. Statistics show that 90-95 % of cases
come under the primary hypertension that means high blood pressure without any
medical cause. The outstanding 5-10% cases belong to secondary hypertension in
which heart, arteries and kidneys are affected to some degree.


Detection of this condition is generally
done after a person is undergone a medical checkup. The most common and usual
symptoms of hypertension are headache, pain in chest, dizziness, vomit, and
fainting episodes. Fraction of people even experience breathing problem and
congestion in wind pipe. Percentage of heart strokes, attacks and failure is
higher than any other risks. Its occurrence is basically due to anxiety, stress
and tension and high intake of alcohols or smoking habits. Anxiety triggers the
blood pressure in body and that leads to hypertension.


Patients are advised to avoid anxiety and
as much as possible. Ayurvedic remedies are a must to be taken into consideration
as they are considered safe and assure long term effect. Other remedies to curb
blood pressure are to get involved in some kind of physical activities like
sports, exercise or yoga. It stimulates the blood circulation and keeps the
heart beat normal. The body becomes more active and energetic. During pregnancy
8-10% of females experience hypertension, in those cases even they are
suggested to go for some light exercises or yoga. Today life is uncertain, the
consequences are not known hence we need to control our lifestyles and eating
habit. To some extent it might be fruitful.

Recommended Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda has many safe products in order to
provide long term relief from hypertension.

In this disorder there is avarnam of vata, which means vata is
covered by other dosas , so vata dosent function properly.it is also called as
mudhavatam. And as we all know that the
balance of these dosas is very important for a healthy body.In case of
imbalance between them, variety of diseases can come up. Hypertension is also a
result of such imbalance of the doshas.

In case of headache due to hypertension, kachoradi choorrnam with ksheerbala oil can be applied over the

Doses and benefits of Ayurvedic Products

Dasamoolam kashayam – 15 ml
with 30 ml warm water in morning and evening empty stomach.

The expectorant action of this kashayam helps in removing phlegm present in the respiratory tract which is accumulated due to infection.

Draksharishtam – 15 ml with
water after food in morning and evening

Draksharishtam is greatly effective in the treatment of emaciation, muscle wasting, general weakness and sequelae of major viral and bacterial infections

Cardiospa- 1capsulewith water at bed time.

Itdeals effectively with this condition and provides a sound sleep which in turn imparts freshness of body and mind.

Tips to keep stress under control

Do pranayam and exercises daily

Healthy diet with fiber is

Reduce the salt intake.

No stress and anxiety should be

Lose weight if you are

Cut back if you drink a lot of

Stop smoking

Low salt and caffeine intake

Avoid fatty and oily foods


below products are to be taken as per doctor consultation

General recommendation is for 5 to 6 week i.e.

Dasamoolam Kashayam: 5 bottles

Draksharishtam: 3 Bottles

Cardiospa:1 bottle

Note: The products should be taken as per the doctors recommendation.

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