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I came to The Healing Village in order to find a quiet and peaceful place to
re-charge my batteries and relax. And I did get great “pampering” treatments and also
amazing courses of meditation and Yoga
at the same time. These therapies here are designed to renew your body and while that is happening, your spirit
and health improves. I am also extremely impressed with the very warm welcome
that I received, the beautiful accommodation, natural peaceful surroundings and the incredible food. The
treatments are customized for each client and undertaken with a high degree of
professionalism by well trained staff.

I have to mention the most
amazing private yoga therapy classes that I took ?personalized attention in
these sessions of yoga and meditation helped me to deepen and understand the
yoga practice, but most importantly, now I can apply these practices myself
daily. Applying it is the true sign of growth and learning and can only be done
when understood and repeated. The attention to detail in a private session helped
me in the process of learning. It was
amazing to be introduced the world of meditation and yoga while receiving such
personalized attention serene surroundings that lets you think and explore your
inner self.

Feedback given by Ms.
Mitia De Divera
? 01/09/2013

?I really enjoyed my stay at the retreat . All the staff was
very friendly and I hope to come back. Thanks a lot for everything, special thank you to Casper,
GNF Mathew and the Doctor Sarvan and Assistants.?

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