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Disorder A brief Understanding

Sleeping Disorder is a medical condition in
which an individual gets insufficient sleep.
Sleep disorders can prove to be harmful to health and brain as well.
Lack of sleep can lead to many other physical or mental ailments. When a person finds hard to fall asleep it is known as Insomnia. Disturbed or insufficient sleep occurred
due to many reasons like fatigue, stress and depression. These days the very
common reason is shift timing. Person who has odd shift timings like night or
evening usually suffers from insomnia. Their schedule becomes against the
natures law. Some other major
contributors of sleep disorders are night terror, hallucinations, sleep
walking, PLMD (Periodic limb movement disorder), Panic attacks. Night terror or hallucination can keep person from falling asleep.
The brain muscle becomes slow and restless.

is an important factor

The usual sleeping hours advised by doctors
is minimum six hours, less than which can trouble the digestive system. It is
also advised not to stay awake for very long or work on laptop late night. Some
people also listen to music by fixing the earphones which is inappropriate especially
at night as the high volume affects the ear drum which further leads to headache
results in insufficient sleep. Night walking is a medical condition in which a
person unknowingly gets up from the sleep and starts wandering. In the morning
he/she is completely unaware about the last nights episode. There are some
general principles of treatments that study the causes deeply and provides cure
accordingly. Help can be sought by behavior reading, meditation, lifestyle, and
medication. Sleep is one of the most
important and crucial aspect in our life, our physical and mental development
greatly depends upon the safe and sound sleep.

Solutions To Fight Sleeping Disorder

: Aching and throbbing types of head ache
could be treated effectively with this drug. Varanadi kashayam is the best
preferable medication for obesity. Complaints related to obesity like
palpitation, breathlessness, anaemia, lassitude etc are also cured.

Mulberine products by Kairali Ayurvedic
provide a complete, Ayurvedic solution to your nutritional requirements.
Natural, safe and with no side-effects, our Mulberine products offer you all
the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants you need to achieve the perfect
balance between health and nutrition.
One important ingredient of Mulberine, Aswagandha isa powerful anti-stress agent and immunity
enhancer, Aswagandha provides anti-aging agents with excellent anti-oxidant

Chyavanaprasham: The sense organs are sharpened due to the regular consumption of
Chyavanaprasam. If used in the proper way, Chyavanaprasam increases the vigour
and vitality. It increases general health, memory and well being.

Blessing Nature of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is considered the mother of
medical science and thus it has got some of the divine features which will
always protect us.

Has no side effects.

Gives happy, healthy and
disease free long life.

It is non-toxic and

Remove the root of diseases not
just symptoms.

Good for physical and mental
health as well.

Relaxes mind and makes you
Tension Free.

Enhances immunity so that one
can resist and fight diseases.

Tips to prevent the stress:

Take proper sleep, at least 8
hours sleep.

Drink plenty of fluids at least
2 liters of water a day.

Daily practice of Pranayam can keep stress at bay.

Eat healthy nutritional diet.
Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

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