Kairali Products provides exciting offers for Holi and Womens Day


Happy Holi Everyone!!!!!

Holi is around the corner, the colorful and vibrant festival
that expresses the happiness of being loved through colors. It is time to get
excited about splashing colors on each other. It is the time to love and
celebrate and get excited about this festive. But as much as we love this
colorful festival, none of us are worrying about the after-effects like what
the Holi colors can do to their skin, hair, and eyes. Holi is connected with
the colors. The colors and the constituents present in colors which are used
during Holi can set deep into the skin and hair owed to the direct exposure of these
chemicals. Fortunately, Ayurveda provides a number of therapies that help detox
skin and hair inside out. Holi also means meeting friends and eating sweets
that might aggravate the Kapha dosha and thus cause health problems. People who
take care of their diet and follows the Ayurvedic principle, their kapha vata
pitta imbalance in the body gets normalized.

Preventive tips for Pre- Holi

  • While
    mixing colors with the water, they settled onto the skin or get into the
    pores. In order to avoid this, coconut oil is applied on the face, hands,
    neck that will make your skin greasy and prevents deep adherence of color
    to the skin.
  • During
    the Holi day, the sun shines over us that penetrates the skin and causes
    sunburn. So it is better to use sunscreen.
  • The
    chemical constituents in the color might damage the hair so it is
    recommended to apply oil before playing Holi.

In the market, toxin-free Gulal/colors are available so why not
celebrate this year with Traditional dry Holi from flowers? The Tesu flowers
are soaked overnight in water and a paste is made. It is recommended that oil
(olive or sandalwood oil or coconut oil) should be applied to the skin and hair
as it acts as a natural sunscreen against harmful colors and sunny weather. The
other best ways to prevents nails from the effect of colors is to apply
petroleum jelly to them. It is always advisable by Ayurvedic practitioners or
professionals to avoid scrubbing your skin to remove color as it might damage
skin even more.

Kairali Ayurveda Group, a 100 year old Ayurveda brand, and an
Ayurveda inspired company provide various Ayurvedic products that holistically
heal the illnesses. Fortunately, Kairali Ayurveda has a perfect solution for all
your problems. Kairali introduces a special discount on Holi as a gesture of
love and appreciation for everyone preparing for Holi and also for all the
beautiful women around on Womens Day. Check out this amazing offer on all the
Ayurvedic products at such unbelievable discounted prices.Get Flat
50% off on all Ayurvedic products which can be availed through the coupon code
HOLI50. The Offer is valid from 05th March 15th March

Offer Terms & Conditions

  • NO 2
    Discounts will be clubbed together
  • Offer
    is applicable on all the products listed in www.kairaliproducts.in
  • Kairali
    can withdraw the offer anytime as per its discretion without prior notice
  • The
    Discount is not applicable on Gift Vouchers Redemption
  • NO 2
    Coupons can be clubbed together
  • One
    Coupon code is valid for a single order only
  • Shipping
    will be applied as per actual
  • Apply
    Coupon code HOLI50 at the time of checkout

Kairali products have brought in an amazing way to celebrate
this Holi and Womens Day and gift your beautiful loved ones this Ayurveda
offer and make them feel special and pampered on this day.

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