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Diabetes is not desirable

Diabetes is a medical disorder in which
there is high level of sugar in blood because the pancreas is not able to generate
adequate amount of insulin in the body or there is no response from cells to
the insulin that is produces. Diabetes especially
mellitus brings about the reason in body to produce excessive urine, frequent
thirst and increased hunger.

Diabetes has been classified into three
categories. Firstly, Type1 diabetes in which the body is unable to produce
insulin, it becomes mandatory for patient to infuse insulin. Secondly, it is
Type2 diabetes a serious condition in which cells face insulin deficiency.
Last but not the least it is Gestational diabetes, a condition where a pregnant
female develops the high level of blood glucose which may lead to the
development of type 2 diabetes.

The consequences of diabetes could be far
more severe. It triggers the high risk for kidney failure, cardiovascular
diseases, foot ulcer, glaucoma (eye-blindness) and many other chronic diseases.
Symptoms of diabetes get highlighted when patient experiences fatigue,
dizziness, weakness and painful muscle wasting. Other factors that cause
diabetes could be stress or hypertension, it is also hereditary. Our lifestyle
plays a key role in curing this disease.
Today our environment is quite stressful. Beside adults kids too become
victims of such crucial medical conditions. We need to keep tabs of our living
styles and eating habits. Exercise and work out are the best means to keep
diabetes at bay. It helps in controlling the sugar level in body. We might not
be able to get rid off the disease easily but still are best efforts can be

Recommended Ayurvedic Products for diabetes

Chandraprabhagulika is renowned Ayurvedic
medicine, widely prescribed by doctors in an extensive range of diseases. This
tablet prepared with potent herbs like Vella, Vyosha, Triphala etc helps to
cure complications of diabetes like polyurea, polyhydra, polyphagia, peripheral
neuropathy and abscess formation.

Ayaskriti is combination of drugs like
Asana, candana, vidanga etc have influential anti diabetic properties, along
with which it alleviates the complications caused by the progressive phases of
diabetes like abscess, numbness of extremities, ulceration, delayed healing of
wounds, undesirable effects on vision etc.

Varanadi kashayam contains varuna,
saireyaka, shatahva. It is given especially in treatment of acute and chronic
digestive disorders; it also cures internal abscess to a great extent.

Ayurvedic Solutions and their Doses

Varanadi Kashayam: 20 ml with 80
ml water before food in morning and evening

Chandraprabha Gulika with Kashayam before food

Ayaskriti: 20 ml with 40 ml warm water after food in morning and evening

Spazyme Capsules: 1 in morning
and evening with normal water after food

Recommendation for 5-6 weeks:

Varanadi Kashayam: 7 Bottles

Chandraprabha Gulika: 1 Pack

Ayaskriti: 3 bottles

Spazyme Capsules: 2 packs

Anu Thailam: 3 packs

Note: The above products are to be taken as
per the doctors consultation.

Health Tips to prevent Diabetes

Exercise especially brisk
walking is highly important

Drink buttermilk daily

Avoid rice, cakes, and banana

Avoid curd, dates, meat

Drink plenty of water

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