Ayurvedic Distributors Sell These 5 Products To Increase Sales


Did you know that distributing products in your market that are not trending and do not have enough sales can lead to a loss of sales and profits?

At times companies try to fill your warehouses with stocks that just sit there to expire and they don’t move from their warehouses because either customer dont want it, there is no brand credibility, bad product quality, or no demand in the market.

You should always keep a check in the market whether offline or online on what’s trending in the market. You can also speak directly to the company representative on what are the major trending products in the market that will help them increase their sales and profits

Today, we as a company will share some highly trending products in the market that will not only increase your sales but also your profits.

The 5 Products that must be there in your portfolio are :

  1. Kaircin Facial Oil: This is an all-season facial oil or serum that is highly acceptable between the age group of 25-40 Years age-group to who I call millennial consumers. This facial oil is 100% Ayurvedic & Chemical Free & contains saffron and lotus as key ingredients. It helps to brighten the face and gives you a youthful glowing complexion. This product can be sold on various channels like Online websites, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Modern Stores, Boutiques, Hotels & Spas. This product with the premium ingredient is sold for Rs.1225 for 25ml & Rs.700 for 10ml. Being a high-margin product and high MRP, it gives you a good sell-through for increasing your profits. So must add to your portfolio.

  1. Kairtis – Jodon ka Doctor: One of the revolutionary products of Kairali Ayurvedic Products, this product is perfect for the age group of 40 Years and above especially senior citizens who face severe joint pains at the age of 60 Years and above. Kairtis is the joint pain relief oil that comes with a potli that helps to alleviate the joints and improve the mobility of the joints. This product should always be made available to Ayurvedic Doctors, Pharmacies, Supermarkets & Ayurvedic Clinics. It comes in 2 sizes 110ml with 2 Potlis at Rs.550 and 55ml with 1 Potli for Rs.350 only. So must add to your portfolio.

  2. Sparub: Kairali sells 50k quantities every month across India and it is being sold by the majority of pharmacies and supermarkets. This pain balm is 100% Ayurvedic Effective for joint pains, and back pains, at times very good for colds and coughs. If you have not added this to your portfolio then call our sales representative immediately for placing the orders. Just imagine this product MRP is Rs.45 for 10gms. If you manage to sell 5k pcs every month it will top up your business for at least 2.5 lacs worth of gross sales.

  3. Hand Sanitizers: During this pandemic, we saw a huge surge in demand for Hand Sanitizers and Kairali Ayurvedic Products being in the business of hand sanitizer business for the last 5 years took the opportunity and scaled up its unit and started marketing to the market. Today Kairali Hand Sanitizers are one of the leading hand sanitizer manufacturers in the country and supplies to more than 1000 Outlets distributed by more than 50 Distributors. If you have still not added this to your portfolio then add this right now by calling our sales associate. We have herbal and allopathic sanitizers and can be sold to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, salons, restaurants, spas & corporates.

  4. Traditional Medicines: Kairali Ayurvedic Products, the pioneers in manufacturing Ayurvedic products especially Ayurvedic Medicines is one of the USPs of Kairali. If this category is not in your portfolio then you are losing a major part of your sales. To start with you can place orders of Thailams especially Dhanwantharam Thailam, Karpooradi Thailam, Anu Thailam, Murievenna, Nalpamaradi Thailam. These oils are in high demand from the Ayurvedic Doctors who practice Ayurveda and prescribe Ayurvedic medicines to their patients.

Recently our Distributor added these products into their portfolio and their sales increased up to 31% in the next 3 months and their profits increased up to 17% in 3 months.

After adding spa rub, kaircin, and Kapoor di thailam in my portfolio, my demand for products increased, and with the premium quality and efficacy of the kairali products my sales increased to 21% and profits to 13%

Mr. Manoj Doshi

Jaipur Distributorship

After adding kaircin to our portfolio in our stores, especially the airport stores, kairali sales contribution to our stores increased from 3% to 6%, we sell 1000pcs of Kaircin every month.

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Category Manager – Beauty

Guardian Healthcare

Contact our team now for adding these products to your portfolio at +91-9555156156 or email us at support@kairaliproducts.com

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