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Health that needs to be replaced with ‘Good Health’-

We all know how our lives are becoming stressful day by day. Each and every activity of ours is making us prone to various health issues that need serious attention and care. A piece of recent news by WION has given the world some shocking results relating to the loss of productivity that has hit the IT sector. We are quite aware of the fact that stress and other unwanted pressures are harmful to the body. Yet we procrastinate our daily requirements and continue to lead a life amidst chaos and confusion.-

A news clip on WION News had taken India through a reality check wherein it has-shown how the IT sector in Bengaluru is leading to a huge productivity loss and when these statistics were revealed in terms of quantity, everyone was blown away. It revealed that the IT sector is losing-24,000 crores which is equivalent to 3.5 billion dollars annually due to the bad lifestyle choices that they have adopted. Stress and sedentary lifestyle have often been regarded as the major contributors to a deteriorating health condition. And this condition does not only remain-limited to physical instability but also the overall productivity of an individual.

In order to quantify the monetary loss caused by lifestyle-related problems in the IT sector in Bengaluru, a city-based consulting firm carried out a survey across 10 IT firms. According to the study, the 50 million dollar IT hub of Bengaluru is suffering from a performance drop and the professionals are making an effort to bring up their living conditions. Physical inactivity and poor emotional-health are the major contributors for 50% of the productivity loss. It has also been found that employees within the age bar of 30-40 are found to count to 42% of productivity loss and those coming under 20-30 years counts to 30% of the productivity loss with poor diet.-

The respondents who were being surveyed by the Consulting firm were analysed on five different parameters namely-

-1.-Physical inactivity

2. Emotional and mental health

3. Physical health

4. Improper diet and-

5. Substance Abuse

These parameters revealed the fact that Physical inactivity sums up to-25% of productivity loss, emotional and mental health leads to 23%, Physical health leads to 21%, poor diet leads to 18% and substance abuse leads to 13% of the productive loss. Encouraging employees to opt for certain physical activities-or creating awareness about the same is likely to bring more lifestyle changes in society. It is a win-win situation for both the parties as good health would lead to a more progressive and developed corporate structure.-

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