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Future of Wellness-A Talk with Sonakshi Sinha

In today’s time, we often get to hear people sharing ideas and participating in events that mainly focus on wellness. Health concerns are more in vogue these days and people invest most of their time and money in maintaining such a regime, which is actually a positive aspect of a developed and a well-aware society. A health-oriented event was organized wherein-Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village, a wellness retreat in the South Indian state of Kerala was an Ayurvedic retreat partner and a session sponsor. This event, powered by Healthhunt was an initiative to inspire people to attain a healthy life with the help of natural means.

-Neeha-Nagpal, a successful lawyer interviewed Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha who is an epitome of inspiration to the youth. She was invited for a cause. The cause was to inspire the youth about how necessary it is to maintain a healthy body and mind. She had shared her journey of transformation for a healthy lifestyle. For Sonakshi, this journey was never fast-paced. She believes that slow and steady is the best way to go for a-weight loss program-and to do it in a proper way. Everything that is done in balance and moderation is great. Exercises must be done on a regular basis.

-Many people who undergo a weight loss therapy think-that eating junk sometimes is banned. But this is not the case. Sonakshi had given a very different overview on this insight. She said that eating junk is not bad until and unless people realize the need for a workout the next day which would range a bit higher than a regular day. Transformation starts from the mind and then the body. Proper diet and sleep play a major role in losing weight in a healthy manner. Following a single workout routine is not mandatory. With the change in body types, the intensity of exercises and workouts also may vary from person to person. Switching to different workouts is the fitness mantra that Sonakshi follows. She believes that fitness is rather a way of life. As she was an athletic person at her younger age, she motivates the children of today to be engaged in some sports or the other which in turn turns out to be an alternative to the gym. This health and wellness talk indeed was a truly inspiring and a motivating one for the upcoming generation who can start from now on to get a fit and active mind, body and soul.

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