7 Strategies To Increase B2B Wholesale sales


For this reason, you should incorporate the following 7 strategies into your sanitizer wholesale distribution business to increase its sales volume.

1. Offer incentives cum benefits

Definitely, the list of retailers that buy hand sanitizer and ayurvedic bulk supplies from you also sells similar products from other wholesale distributors as well.

So to promote the sale of your products at their outlets rather than selling other products, give them incentives or minimum sales targets to meet based on providing the benefits in return.

Obviously, their selling of your products more means you selling them your products more.

2. Offer discount slab rates based on purchase volume

Giving cash and trade discounts is a normal practice. So to increase your B2B wholesale sales, you need to do something extra.

Ask your marketing and sales team to formulate a plan that comprises discount slab rates based on purchase volume.

So the more quantity a retailer buys from you, the more discount he is likely to get.

3. Record purchase payment summary of each retailer

When you analyze and record the behavior of each individual retailer for its purchase volume and frequency and payment time, you can ascertain your own inventory movements, budgeted sales per week, month, or quarter and cash flows.

Use automatic systems to set triggers that a retailer might be nearing an end-of-stock and may re-order soon.

This way you can separate a quantity of your stock for urgent packaging and shipping for every retailer.

All that you now need to do is to have your company agent call at appropriate times to confirm the trigger alerts and if the retailer affirms, dispatch the near-ready assignment immediately.

4. Adopt hassle-free order booking systems

Whether it is a new retailing client or an existing one, your order booking system should be a one-window solution that incorporates everything.

From taking in orders, checking inventory levels, allowing credit limits, calculating estimated shipping time, and tracking the real-time status of all orders in process, your order booking and processing system should be equipped with everything.

5. Be open to your customer’s complaints and requests

Aside from automating your systems, build a customer support team to entertain your customer’s complaints and special requests for urgent shipping or payment time extensions, etc.

6. Use campaigns to increase your retailer base

Offer benefits to your existing retailing clients to refer your products to other retail outlets.

Similarly, offer incentives and special discounts or conditions to garner new retailers in your circle.

7. Set retailer categories

You can also set retailer categories like gold or premium sellers and market their names in your advertisement campaigns.

This way your retailers will put in extra effort to achieve a higher category and get featured exclusively.

Subsequently, all this will increase your sales.

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