Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019 | Hall of Fame



Kairali Ayurvedic Group, an ancient legacy,
established to preach the holistic discipline of Ayurveda, has reached heights
of fame and excellence. Envisioning the development of the present and future
generation through natural healthy ways and means, this group has made it
possible for people to adopt a lifestyle that has a great influence from
Ayurveda. It was officially formalized in the year 1989 at New Delhi, India.
And that was the time from when Kairali never looked back, instead it had
spread its wings gradually from one corner of the world to another, year after

foundation laid by the ancestors of the Group had left behind good virtues and
principles that was carried along with Mr. K.V. Ramesh, the Managing Director
of the Group. Marching forward together, Mrs. Gita Ramesh, the Joint Managing
Director, gave a new dimension to the group, thus enhancing its branches. It
has four division in total, namely, Kairali-The
Ayurvedic Healing Village
, Kairali Ayurvedic Products, Kairali
Ayurvedic Treatment Centre and Kairali Ayurveda Training Institute.

flagship property at Palakkad, Kerala, is one of the best wellness destinations
that was created in the year 1999. It has a beautiful aura and is a complete
health retreat with holistic Ayurvedic
and therapies. Because of the deliverance of the finest
quality of hospitality services and authentic Ayurvedic services, it has received
recognition from various national and international platforms in the health and
wellness industry.-

Ayurvedic Healing Village has received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip
Advisor in the year 2019, consecutively, for the fifth time. Right from the
year 2015, Trip Advisor has been awarding our health retreat with this
honorable Certificate, due to which it has been placed under the Hall of Fame
title last year (2018). Kairali is proud to maintain the status of the Hall of
Fame title by proving its efficiency and excellence in the field of Ayurveda.

resort offers a peaceful, serene and deeply spiritual aura with amazing
rejuvenation experience through full range of natural herbal Ayurveda
treatments, herbal oil massages, meditation, yoga sessions and a vegetarian
Ayurvedic diet. With a wellness legacy of more than 9 decades, Kairali
Ayurvedic Group, finally established its treatment centre in New Delhi, India.A
traditional family of Ayurvedic practitioners, who are in the manufacture,
production and practice of the traditional science of Ayurveda for over 8
decades, and with 35 locations all over India and the world, Kairali is one of
the finest and fastest growing Ayurveda service brand.

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