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The use of ancient,
natural methods to counteract the imbalance resulting from modern life now
leads the wellbeing market at home and abroad. With pressures coming from all
quarters, the working hours required in the West drain one?s vital energy
almost as much as the methods used to find temporary relief. Stress and strain
are too often the results of modern lifestyle habits of heavy food, caffeine
and alcohol, combined with a schedule that simply doesn?t allow enough rest.

A wellbeing sanctuary
far away from the realities of modern life, Kairali is very familiar with these
symptoms and offers guests the perfect healing schedule to rebalance mind, body
and spirit. Drawing upon the ancient science of Ayurveda, Kairali?s Treatment
for Stress and Strain ensures a restorative approach combining soothing massage
therapy, nutritious Ayurvedic cuisine, Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Guests have
the chance to completely ?let go? and rebuild in the harmonious healing
environment of the Ayurvedic Healing Village, Kerala.

Why Ayurveda for
stress and anxiety?

The ancient life
science of Ayurveda is founded on the need for balance in the individual. The
need for balance means much more than simple physical health ? it includes
mental activity, spiritual wellness, diet and lifestyle in its scope. When you
undertake an Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress and Anxiety, you are making use of
the oldest holistic science in the world ? a successful method of catching the
root of disease long before it has a chance to take root in the body.

Guests on Kairali?s
Treatment for Stress and Strain begin with a leisurely consultation with one of
our world-class doctors, enabling them to identify the individual?s Ayurvedic
constitution. This initial diagnosis sets the course of treatment according to
the individual?s needs, as stress and anxiety express themselves differently
depending on which Ayurvedic dosha is
dominant. Recommended treatments are highly personalized; for example, vata dosha individual will benefit
deeply from Sirodhara relaxation
therapy, while a kapha dosha
individual is likely to benefit from Kadikizhi,
a more intense treatment.

Treatments for Stress Relief.

Kairali?s Treatment
Program for Stress and Strain places a strong emphasis on relaxation, and
selected treatments work wonders at the physical level to soothe aching muscles
and stressed nerves. Guests enjoy a daily Abhyangam
four-handed oil massage with detoxifying steam bath, and will experience a
variety of rejuvenating therapies throughout their retreat. Typical treatments
on the Stress and Strain program include; Sirodhara,
the rhythmic pouring of oil on the forehead; Kadikizhi, a strong exfoliating massage with herbal poultice; and Pizchil, a warm oil bath using 23 liters
of medicated oil.

De-stress with Yoga
and Meditation.

With twice-daily
Ayurvedic spa therapies to put you in a blissful state, there is no better time
to learn the basics of Yoga and Meditation. Guests at the Ayurvedic Healing
Village are invited to our morning Hatha Yoga sessions, where they can learn
the basics of India?s healing arts, incorporating relaxing posture and breath
work. Our evening Meditation sessions are the perfect way to end the day,
including deep guided relaxation, traditional meditation techniques and mantra

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Stress and Strain at the beautiful Ayurvedic Healing Village in Kerala, click here.

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